You will be associating with “hands on” operators of electric melting furnaces including electric arc, ladle refining vessels, induction, vacuum induction, vacuum arc remelt, and electro-slag remelt furnaces. You can discuss melt shop operations on a “one on one” basis if you have a unique or special problem.

In addition, the subjects are not limited to operating problems. There are very good discussions relating to environmental, health, safety, labor relations and management problems.

There will be opportunities to visit the newest electric furnace melting facilities in the world. The Guild has been privileged to see these “state of the art” installations before the general public. There isn’t another organization in the world where melt shop problems can be discussed freely with operators having such vast experience.

The common goal of the Guild is to improve electric furnace melting through the mutual exchange of information. The spirit and success of the Guild has been built on each member’s contributions to the meeting. The more each member contributes, the better the meeting. The membership does not look favorably on individuals who take away knowledge and present little or none.

Membership in the EMMG will definitely help one’s professional development. Guild members also enhance their careers from the personal contacts they make. A melt shop problem can often solved with one phone call to a fellow member. Career advancement can be directly attributable to the knowledge and experience gathered from the EMMG.





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