Each year the EMMG officers and executive committee evaluate candidates that satisfy the eligibility requirements for two awards:

  • The Billy Wallis Award to recognize distinguished achievement or contribution to the electric metal making industry.
  • Ronald E. Lincoln Guilder of the Year Award to recognize a member who has been an active participant in Guild functions and special projects.


Ronald E Lincoln Guilder Of The Year Award


  1. To recognize a member who has been an active participant in Guild functions and special projects.
  2. The award is to be named in memory of Ronald E. Lincoln.
  3. The health and vitality of the Electric Metal Makers Guild is a direct result of the active participation of the membership. The benefits to all members are directly proportional to the vitality of the Guild. Regular attendance at sectional and annual meetings is important. However, many functions must be filled throughout the year. Some of those include serving as a session chairman at sectional or annual meetings, host of a hospitality suite, presentation of a technical paper, hosting a sectional meeting and plant tour. All members are encouraged to volunteer to help and should not wait to be asked.


  1. Any full member in good standing.
  2. Members of the Executive Committee are not eligible.


  1. The President, 1 st Vice-President, 2 nd Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer will select the recipient based on participation in Guild activities and contribution to the success of the Guild.
  2. Announcement and presentation at the President’s Banquet each year. Approved by the Executive Committee, Dearborn, Michigan, April 4, 1990.

Ronald E. Lincoln Guilder Of The Year Award Recipients

Year Company Recipient
1990 Crucible Specialty Metals Richard D. Byrnes
1991 Ipsco, Inc. John J. Wild
1992 Slater Steels Corp. Donald B. Morse
1993 North Star Steel William S. Clark
1994 AltaSteel, Ltd. Chris Jager
1995 Charter Steel Danny Coker
1996 National Forge Co. Lowell S. Gonano
1997 The Timken Co. James Stepanic
1998 Shieldalloy Metallurgical Corp. David Lewis
1999 Dofasco,Inc. Mike Price
2000 A. Finkl & Sons Co. Jason Crawford
2001 PanAbrasive, Inc. William Koshut
2002 Nucor-Auburn Stan Surowiec
2003 Mac-Steel Russ Barr
2004 Nucor Steel-Marion Lari Blankenship
2005 Nucor-Seattle Cameron Cossette
2006 Scaw Metals Group-Alta Steel Dale Harrison
2007 ACIPCO Ronald Kern
2008 Ellwood Quality Steels Bjorn Gabrielsson
2009 The Timken Company Michael D. Fox
2010 A. Finkl & Sons Chris Ericksen
2011 Wheelabrator Abrasives Inc. Bedford Greg Wood
2012 North American Hoganas Edward Kopicz
2013 Steel Dynamics Inc Daniel J. Keown
2014 CMC Birmingham Jonathan Ridgeway
2015 Ellwood Quality Steel Brendan Connolly
2016 ArcelorMittal Dofasco Mike Russ
2017 Timken Steel Matt Davis
2018 North American Hoganas David Vensel
2019 Winoa, Bedford, VA Sean Murphy

The Billy Wallis Award

Purpose To recognize distinguished achievement or contribution to the electric metal making industry.


  1. May be to any worthy recipient, without respect to membership in the Guild, to citizenship of any country, or to company affiliation.
  2. It shall not be the policy to make this award posthumously. However, where an award has been voted and the person selected dies before its official presentation, the award may be presented to the family of the deceased or to some other person designated by the award committee to receive it on behalf of the deceased.
  3. Nominations may be made by any member of the Electric Metal Makers Guild. Nominations received from any other source will be referred to the award committee for consideration.
  4. Nominations shall be made not later than 180 days prior to the annual meeting of the Guild for consideration during the current year.
  5. All nominations must be supported in writing by: (a) A full statement of the background, experience and notable contributions of the nominee to the electric metal making industry. (b) Explicit statement of the basic reasons for the nomination explaining why the nominee is regarded eligible for the award. (c) Any other information or references which may be helpful to the committee in consideration of the nominations, for example, books or articles published, patents, prior awards, etc.


  1. Members of committee: A total of five (5) immediate past presidents. The most immediate president shall act as chairman.
  2. Frequency of presentation: Once a year, unless otherwise excused there from by the Executive Committee.
  3. Location of award: It shall be presented at the annual meeting of the Electric Metal Makers Guild, at a time to be decided by the reigning President.
  4. The chairman of the award committee will forward a form outlining the eligibility, background, experience etc. for each nominee to each committee member, requesting the member to submit a 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd choice from the list of nominees. The chairman shall grade the choices of each member of the committee in a manner to prevent a deadlock in the selection of a recipient.
  5. The selection shall be made at least 90 days before the annual meeting, and is subject to the final approval of the Executive Committee.
  6. The award shall consist of a suitably inscribed scroll.
  7. The recipient will be notified in writing by the Secretary of the Guild to be present to receive the award at the annual meeting. The President of the Guild will notify the President of the recipient’s company, or supervisor if a governmental agency is involved, of the award to be bestowed. If the recipient is self- employed or retired, this notification will not be necessary.
  8. These rules may only be changed by the majority rule of the Executive Committee. Approved by Executive Committee, Niagara Falls, NY, June 24, 1976.

Billy Wallis Award Recipients

Year Company Recipient
1977 Northwestern Steel & Wire Co. Paul W. Dillon
1978 AEI-Birlek, Ltd. George Tinker
1979 Union Carbide Corp. Donald C. Hilty
1980 Union Carbide Corp. William E. Schwabe
1981 Brymbo Steel Works Emrys Davies
1982 Carpenter Technology Corp. Howard O. Beaver
1983 Union Carbide Corp. V. J. Nolan
1984 Allegheny Ludlum Steel Richard P. Simmons
1985 Universal Cyclops M. J. Meinen
1986 Co-Steel Int’l. Ltd. G. R. Heffernan
1987 Firth-Brown, Ltd. Eric Pinder
1988 A. Finkl & Sons Charles W. Finkl
1989 Nucor Corp. F. Kenneth Iverson
1990 Allegheny Ludlum Steel Richard B. Shaw
1991   Award Waived
1992 EMC International James R. Bello
1993 Retired Dr. Hansgeorg Bauer
1994 Retired C. G. (Pete) Robinson
1995 Birmingham Steel Corp. James A. Todd, Jr.
1996 Retired Leonard G. Joseph
1997 Chaparral Steel Gordon Forward
1998 Consultant Gloria M. Faulring
1999   Award Waived
2000 Steel Dynamics Mark Millett
2000 SMS Demag Manfred Kolakowski
2001   Award Waived
2002 Fuchs Services Ltd. Gerhard Fuchs
2003 SMI Clyde Selig
2004   Award Waived
2005 Nucor Corporation Dan DiMicco
2006   Award Waived
2007 Empco Edgar Wünsche
2008   Award Waived
2009   Award Waived
2010   Award Waived
2011   Award Waived
2012   Award Waived
2013   Award Waived
2014   Award Waived
2015   Award Waived
2016 Arc Furnace Pro Gary Baker
2017   Award Waived
2018   Award Waived
2019   Larry Heaslip
2020   Award Waived





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