The Electric Metal Makers Guild is an association made up exclusively of electric furnace melt shop managers. It was founded in 1933 for the sole purpose of promoting progress in the development and manufacture of metals treated in electric melting furnaces, and to assist those engaged in the industries concerned, by cooperative actions taken for the exchange of information of mutual interest to our members.

This association has thrived for the past 77years through growth and decline of the steel industry in North America only because of its value to the members and their respective sponsoring companies. The EMMG is managed exclusively by its members and according to strictly enforced by-laws including:

  • Members must be directly responsible for managing melting operations, if a member moves out of that responsibility, they must resign.

This restriction ensures that topics, discussions, and technical exchange revolve around the theme of melt shop related activates.

The Guild includes:

  • A comradely based forum for melt shop managers who share the same responsibility, professional interests, problems and solutions.
  • A conduit to share common experiences with fellow members or ask for help on specific matters.
  • A setting to speak comfortably among peers about common professional experiences.
  • A practical approach to avoid “re-inventing the wheel”.

The Guild does not include:

  • Shareing proprietary information (if a member is asked about a topic he feels is confidential, he mealy states so and is respected for that).
  • A venue for vendors to market products or entertain prospective clients.
  • An environment open to hostilities and criticisms.

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